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Twitter Twirp Evolution

March 20th, 2009

a little update from lunch time today



Tweet Tweet Pffft….

March 20th, 2009

Making a little progress on evolving the sketch from earlier in the week.  Had some app issues with C4D so I didn’t get around to making my grass with Mograph, so I opted for a quick 2D hack in Photoshop.  The model was built and rendered in modo.  It’s a mini progress, and I hope to evolve it a bit more and get closer to the spirit of the drawing.


The phrase, “If only I were a bird of prey,” is my little jab @twitter, since I personally find it an interesting technology, but one that doesn’t quite have the full set of wings to truly take off and evolve into something profound.  I know I know, it isn’t good to be a twitter h8r…but I am just being honest.

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Modo 4.01 Update

March 19th, 2009

Some new movies and features in the upcoming release of Modo



The World of Tomorrow

March 19th, 2009

A vision of the not too distant future in the eyes of Microsoft.  Some really nice stuff in there.



Bot scribble with LiveScribe

March 17th, 2009

Just another quick little sketch I did last night while re-familiarizing myself with modo’s poly modeling tools.  The goal and intent of the illustration is to serve as a starting point for modeling the critter.  I think I’ve found my 3D toy mojo again. :)

Wish me luck.



I’m not Anti Twitter, just anti tweet

March 17th, 2009


Ka-kaw!! Ka-kaw!!

Recently, I’ve been going round and round about the value or lack of value of Twitter and it’s particular niche on the net. Everyone and their grandmother are tweeting this and that from CNN to the board room. As a designer I find the technology inspiring, but as a communicator, I am still grasping with its true place in our collection of tools.

Let me first say that I “get” what Twitter is about, and I think this is what I have the biggest gripe with…because of it’s transient nature people tend not to think about what it is they are writing (if it can even be called writing). Their mindset is to get to the net first with whatever rant, rave or opinion they have before the channel is full of noise from similar people posting similar rants. This is what makes it such a horrible vehicle for meaningful communication.

The only advantage I can see in twitter is the following sort of scenarios:

1. Following someone trekking across large bodies of land or water and who are documenting their travel but have no time for blogging

2. A secret militia moving thru hostile territory who need to communicate with one another

3. A way for people meeting up at an unfamiliar location to communicate with one another until they meet up

4. People fleeing from a natural disaster who need to know the safest way out from the flood lands

The above 4 examples are merely types of models where micro blogging work, but if you examine the nature of the scenarios, you could assume that SMS would suffice. I can SMS a group of friends my personal messages without flooding the nets with my nonsense…

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am all for following and monitoring the people who inspire and influence my view of the world, but is following them in 140 words or less (or whatever the text limit is) doing that opinion of them any justice?
Anyway, I hadn’t planned on writing this much about something I don’t consider worth my time, but having written it, I am appreciative of the fact that I do place value on my time.

Here’s a thought. Maybe I should just start tweeting short short stories to inspire and entertain people. But I guess that would be too much like the Japanese phenomena of micro stories for mobile devices. Hrmmmm….my god, a twitter thought is born.

Here’s how it will begin:

“Her name was Helen, and when she opened her eyes this morning, she knew things would be different. She could sense the change in the air…”

tweet tweet personal challenge

-maybe an experiment of this nature is worth it…just to see where it takes me and the reader. Let’s see if I have enough discipline to keep it on course. :)


…to find a place for meaningless things is to offer them the hope of purpose and potential…

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Modo 4.01 rendering engine in Microstation V8

March 10th, 2009

“The Luxology Render Engine is developing incredibly fast  thanks to the Luxology team, and thanks to the Bentley team for the equal fast implementation into Microstation V8i!

There are a lot of enhancements and new features since my previous blog post.  Here is a new collection of my Test Renderings (as usual no post processing):”

See the beautiful work now.

Image KurtS on the Be | Communities site

Some addtional renders via another blog posting


Friend of A Friend Concept

March 10th, 2009

The Mobile Nomad and Informed User

I like to travel to places I’ve never been, the only problem is that I sometimes don’t know where all the great places to go are.  Jacqueline and I were discussing some concepts the other night and we began thinking about leveraging the network of friends and their friends to make the experience of travelling that much richer.  So I got to thinking a little more as the night progressed, and decided to sketch down the idea before sleep set on.  Here’s a mindmap of the idea.  I’d love your feedback on it.


The true goal of this app is to leverage existing networks like Twitter and Facebook on a mobile platform to benefit the user from an experience standpoint, rather than merely informing them of random bits of status as we currently experience.
I will try and go into a bit more detail in the coming days about what I see as a problem of content versus noise with our existing social networking models.


Nice Mograph Work

March 10th, 2009

Nice collection of mograph reel from a RezN8 Senior Creative Director…


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In No Particular Order

March 10th, 2009

Doing some placard based rendering tests using Mograph and C4D.

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