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July 29th, 2009

I sense this moment as eternal bliss
As if a dancer perched upon a precipice of rapture,
A single step toward purpose of will,
A glance toward beauty arising, unfolding within the blessed garden.
Oh how the wings of all these creatures flutter to ignite the flame within
With me holding the fire to share with the world.

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A Simple Question

July 29th, 2009

She rested her head on my chest, looking off toward the vastness of the sea, “Do you think the angels swim in the sea?” she asked, moving ever so slightly in my arms.

I squinted, looking far off into the distance. “I would imagine so, but I don’t think they swim as much as soar with glee through the water like Rays and other flying creatures in the sea.”

She smiled and looked at me. “Yes, maybe you’re right. Angels always fly no matter where they visit.”

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More Than A Kitten

July 29th, 2009

I had seen this coming almost three months ago…the undying passion, the eternal joy, the blind faith to the dream that would be. It was one of the first times in my life where I felt like I actually got it right.

She moved her arm slightly, making more room for the newborn kitten between us.

“So, you really don’t mind this little bundle of claws and sharp little kitten teeth?” she asked.

“Not in the least. In fact, I think we should start leash training him so we can take him out for daily walks just to confuse the hell out of dogs and their owners.”

She let out a little laugh and picked the kitten up and held him above us. He opened his eyes slowly and let out a little meow.

“You see. I think he agrees with me,” I said, rubbing his little chin.

“We’ll see about the leash thing…but I am happy you like him.”

“Have you decided on a name yet?”

She brought the kitten back down and placed him on my chest. His purr box went into overdrive.

“I was thinking of the name Felineous,” she said with a huge smile.

“That’s a bit of a mouthful.”

“Ha! Well let’s just say it’s a good candidate for a name.”

I rubbed the top of Felineous’ head with my index finger. He squinted at me and let out a little meow-purr.

“Hello Felineous…how is the fierce kitty?” I asked.

“Meow purr urr urr mee-up rrr,” he announced with much pleasure.

“You see. I think he likes his name,” she said.

“I think you’re right…but I think we should still discuss his leash training thing. It would be a interesting to see how he takes to it.”

She gave me a light kiss on the cheek.

“We’ll have to see what he thinks about that,” she said, getting up from the bed.

I took Felineous in my hands. He was so small that he fit perfectly in my left hand. I stood up and walked to the window overlooking the park.

“You see that down there Felineous? That is your world. And one day, you’ll show the world that not everything is as it should be. We’ll have you on that leash…just to mess with all their heads.”

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Wedding Day Photos

July 21st, 2009

Some amazing and wonderful photos from Brandon:

The full set can be seen here: WOOD WEDDING