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Mini Notes+GTD

January 26th, 2011
I am a big believer in the whole GTD process and concept, and have been looking for a sensible way to achieve the state of ‘flow’ in a paper system. I’d given the ActionMethod stuff a try and while I like it a lot, there are a few things I’d like to see added to the overall system. So what I ended up doing was creating my own flavor of a GTD paper system which satisfies the following goals:
. Keep it small and portable
. Make it cool and fun to use
. Make it easy to get into a digital archive
. Allow me to assign Projects, Tags, and Due Dates
. Make it customizable
. Have it look slick so I want to keep using it
My first foray into the system was to basically mimic the ActionMethod layout and create my own Cahier styled books. While this was a fun project, it became quite time consuming rather quickly.
Next, after looking @ theĀ Evernote Blog, I saw a flash of a ‘good idea’ presented to me. Someone on the Video Blog asked about the Evernote Leather notebooks, and when I saw Andrew unfold the paper that was inserted in the beautiful carrier, I knew I had to try applying my paper system exploration to this format.
To make a long story short, below you can see my two snapshots of the paper prototype system working. I have some additional thoughts around improving it, and will no doubt refine this once I bring it into Illustrator to lay down the template for the note. Look for a downloadable .PDF in the near future.

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