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A Waking Vision

December 22nd, 2012

A lone figure floating in space sitting in meditation upon an asteroid.
Deep in contemplation and peace when from the darkness of space a sun bursts before him showering him in light.
He does not feign nor fret but slowly opens his eyes to see before him the sun like burst of light assume the shape of a man.
The figure then transforms into an oceanic wave of water which encompasses the unwavering man on the rock in space.
He hears in his mind, “Though I assume the form of fire, I am also that of water…” the voice trails as the figure assumes the form of earth and mountain,”…I am also that of earth…” and it continues as it transforms into the deepest of blue skies and clouds,”…I am also all that you breathe in every breath…” and the transformation continues as the figure transforms into the darkness of space filled with the density of infinite stars and a final transmission is uttered,”…and though I am all of these things and more I am also within you,” and the figure transforms into a single dot of light which enters the meditating mans mind between his eyes.

The man on the rock floating in space smiles and slowly opens his eyes. He lets out a deep exhale and bursts into a cloud of particles which spread out at light speed in every direction throughout the universe. As the cloud dissipates and the blackness of space returns a small dot of light can be seen. As if by magic, the dot of light instantly transforms into a planet of water, earth and air teeming with life.

I open my eyes. Awake.

-policarpo 12.22.12

concepts, short story

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